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What you should know about the relationship

Hey there, are young single and searching for a date? Well, this article is for you especially when you are coming from London. Before we get any further here is the disclaimer.

Getting into a relationship with someone is not a decision one makes overnight especially when the information you have on the person you want to get into a relationship with is skimpy. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to relationships and these confusions tend to be more prominent amongst the youths especially those in their adolescent stage. So unless you understand what relationship means and the things you will be up against when you get into one, you should maintain everything platonic with whoever you were planning to start one with,

When you are staying in a city like London and you want to tie down with someone, it might be pretty tough and this can be as a result of several factors which includes;

• When the person you intend to tie down with is in his or her youthful age

• When everybody is tending to focus on their career

• If one or both of you tend to focus on personal development.

So with the above-mentioned point put ahead of everything, the game of dating can be hazardous. Both of you will get hurt and in the process, you might hurt other people as well. You should also understand the following before getting into that serious relationship

• A relationship can go two ways, you can break up or stay in it.that’s something you should brace yourself for

• Don’t make phone calls a platform for strengthening your relationship

• If you care the most, you will be the first one to get hurt

• Don’t let the first impression or the physical appearance sway you, instead dig deep into his or her personality before you finally makes a decision.

Dating is more of a personal choice which you can’t be swayed into by either friends or family. So if you have decided to embark on the journey, it is better to understand what you will be up against as the ride won’t be smooth.